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Sharyn Feldman

Sharyn is one of the most authentic speakers I have ever heard! She packages her years of research in a way that is clear, concise, and even entertaining. I walked away inspired and more confident in myself.

Paula F, Mom of Two


Sharyn Feldman is a Parent Educator, Certified Family Life Coach, Mindfullness Facilitator, and a single mom of three. As an Early Childhood specialist with over 30 years of experience, Sharyn's inspiring talk explores parenting as a practice, and helps parents reimagine their role, so they can raise their children with confidence and ease. With a lifelong interest in attachment theory, Adlerian psychology, and human development, Sharyn studied social sciences at the University of Western Ontario. As an independent child development researcher, her interest is in interpersonal neurobiology and the impact of parenting on brain development. Having suffered CEN as a child, Sharyn understands how subtle and nuanced the parent child relationship is, and how deeply wounding the effects of neglect can be. One of her underlying missions is to help parents understand CEN in order to eradicate it from future generations. Sharyn currently runs a regionally funded parenting centre supporting a diverse population of young families.



We measure our success as parents by our child’s happiness and success. But what if we’re sacrificing long term well-being by focussing too much on short term decisions.


Children can be a source of happiness and joy but they can also be a source of stress, frustration, worry and heartache. All parents face challenges, so it's important to learn about healthy parenting practices.


Are you wondering…

• What’s the single most important skill that you need as a parent?

• How to engage and connect with your child more effectively?

• How to make parenting feel easier and less stressful?

• How to feel more confident as a parent?


This dynamic and engaging talk explores these questions and highlights the importance of knowing yourself, what you stand for and what you believe in while understanding parenthood as a lifelong relationship journey.


Sharyn will guide you through a widely successful parenting philosophy built on the foundation of relationship leadership. You will leave with simple and practical tips to help you build a framework for the future of your family - techniques that have been successfully applied to Sharyn's own children, and adopted by hundreds of families through her private coaching practice.


• Supervisor, Parent Support Centre

• Certified Family Life Coach

• Mindfulness Facilitator (Mindfulness Ambassador Council)

• Independent Child Development Researcher (30 years)

• Practicing Parent Educator (25 years)

• Connected Play Expert

• TESOL Certified

• Listening Mothers™ Certified

• Workshop Facilitator with Parent Educator Network

• Instrumental Enrichment Educator (Cognitive Tutoring)

• Structural Cognitive Modifiability Specialist (trained in MLE - Mediated Learning Experience)

• International Language Academy Certified Instructor

• Attachment Theory & Human Development Analyst (focus on Adlerian Psychology)

• Interpersonal Neurobiology Researcher (the impact of parenting on brain development)



I'm a parent, just like you, trying to do my very best with what I have to offer. My journey as a Coach was born out of my own recovery from Childhood Emotional Neglect and codependency. Parenthood is your greatest opportunity to grow all the parts of yourself you otherwise would never grow. It calls on us to fully develop patience, honesty, self-love, self-care, and compassion. ​ Do you like the way you parent? Do you feel confident? Do you think your child is learning the things that are important to you? If you did not have those things growing up, then you may not have those skills “inside” you. I'd like to offer you the incredible opportunity to learn strategies to deal with the challenges of parenthood by focusing on what is within our control and choosing how we respond. I invite you to take this journey with me, and together we can develop alternative ideas to help you become the best parent you can be, while making parenting much more enjoyable.

     - Sharyn


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My Core Values

TRUST that you are your child's best bet

Put the RELATIONSHIP first

SAFETY is the result of cultivating a strong relationship

COMMUNITIES support each other in health, happiness & success

STRENGTH is deepened when we choose GENTLENESS & practice PATIENCE

Practicing KINDNESS towards ourselves helps us to be more forgiving & kind to others

SIMPLICITY gives us clarity on what is & what isn't important

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